Starbrite Star*Tron 8oz Enzyme Diesel Treatment

SKU: 93108
Starbrite Star*Tron Diesel Additive 8 oz.
  • Product Number: #93108
  • Description:
  • Revolutionary Enzyme Fuel Additive
  • Options:
  • 8 oz Diesel Treats: 256 gallons
  • 16 oz Diesel Treats: 512 gallons
  • 32 oz Diesel Treats: 1024 gallons
  • 1 gal Diesel Treats: 4096 gallons
  • Features:
  • Eliminates algae and fungal growth without the use of poisons. Reduces all emissions, including carcinogenic particulate smoke. Prevents fuel oxidation and stabilizes diesel chemistry for at least two years. Lowers fuel system maintenance. Eliminates carbon build-up on injectors and exhaust components. Increases fuel economy up to 15%. Instantly cures fuel gelling caused by cold weather and alcohol fuels. Instantly cures filter problems caused by Bio-Diesel fuels during cold weather.
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