Voyager Flush Sailboat Open Face Compass

SKU: RU-90
RU-90 Voyager Small Sailboat Features: High-Visibility Blue 3" Dial with Extra Large Numerals. Internal Gimbal. Optional NiteVu Lighting. 45 & 90 Degree Lubber Lines. 45 Degree Heel Angle. Easily Installed. 100% Repairable. Exclusive 5-Year Ritchie Warranty. Approx. Shipping Weight: 1 lb (454g). Protective Cover: V-81-C. Replacement Parts: Light Assembly: NiteVu Lighting Kits: VL-100. Notes: Compass does not have Built-in Compensators or Night Lighting. Order Protective Cover Model Number V-80-C if using NiteVu Lighting Kits.
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