Vulcan/Rocna 33kg Galvanized Anchor*Freight Alert*

Item Number: VLC33GS
The new Vulcan anchor is Rocna's first major design development since the launch of the highly successful and acclaimed Rocna anchor itself. Following on the success of the Rocna, designer Peter Smith was often approached by customers seeking to experience the exceptional holding power and setting performance of a Rocna, but who had difficulties accommodating the roll-bar design on their bow.After years of testing and development, Peter has come up with a design that meets the needs of these customers , the Vulcan.Breaking from the Rocna design, the Vulcan features a unique combination of shank and fluke geometry , including an innovative roll-palm at the rear of the fluke , which self-rights the anchor on the seabed without the use of a roll-bar. This is assisted by the V-bulb which extends fluke ballast downward to gain maximum leverage and efficiency. This development permits a larger fluke surface area than competing designs which rely on simple dead weight, while the concave fluke is similar in design to the Rocna, directly equating to more holding power and security.Vulcan anchors are available in 10 sizes from 4 kg (9 lb) 55 kg (121 lb) to suit vessels from small runabouts to larger launches. Galvanized and stainless steel options are available in all sizes.
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