Wiring Plug Set

Item# 18-8810-1

Wiring Plug Set usually available 5-7 business days upon ordering.

Wiring, Plug Set, GM V-6 262 4.3L, XL, EFI (TBI): Spark Plug Wire Set Part # 18-8810-1 GM V-6 262 4.3L, XL, EFI (TBI) , Conventional Mag Force Spark Plug Wire Set, Premium Marine Wire Leads,Magnetic Suppression Kevlar Core,Durable stainless steel wound conductor for maximun life, horsepower and engine performance,Superior RFI suppression for the most sensitive electronic systems, Corrosion resistant stainless steel spark plug and distributor terminals for maximum conductivity ,OEM style boots provide a sealed barrier against heat, dirt and moisture,