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Yes, The World is Round Part II

SKU# 9780995057920

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YES, (Part I and Part II) is an inspiring account of a husband and wife exploring the world by sailboat.Half way around the world, a couple continues to explore exotic destinations.

Part II, Fiji to the Caribbean Leaving England in a sailboat, (Yes, Part I) the adventurers cross the Atlantic, cruise the Caribbean, transit the Panama Canal, explore French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji. In Yes, Part II, the journey continues. On Malekula Island in Vanuatu, home to some of the world’s last megalithic cultures, they join a village festival for two days of music and kava drinking.

Searching for a 1940s artifact, they scuba dive the famous passenger liner, SS President Coolidge, shipwrecked off the coast of Espiritu Santo in the South Pacific Ocean. Ever ready to embrace challenge, they view an active volcano from the rim of a crater, trek bat infested caves and float down a river winding through jungle and steep sided canyons. Touring Botswana, they travel by light aircraft to three jungle camps to explore the Kalahari Basin, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park, all part of the lush and diverse Okavango Delta.In Brazil, they attend local Carnival celebrations, a wild affair of dancing, parading and pickpocketing.

Sailing the Indian Ocean, gale force winds rage through the rigging, rains sweep the decks, super-sized waves slam into the hull. Rounding the Cape of Good Hope, “the fiercest cape in all the world”, requires skill and nerve. Beneath the Cape’s steepened seas, lies a graveyard of ships.In the Caribbean, a tug with tow, neglecting to show proper navigation lights, nearly decapitates them.

Fending off rats in marinas, fixing breakdowns underway, enduring the effects of sleepless nights, they remain committed.Immersed in adventure, enlivened by fascinating stories, the author writes with compassion, wit and humour.

Yes, the World is Round, is a story of incredible challenge and perseverance.Author’s recommendations: accommodations and restaurants: back packer dormitories, South African Wine estates and award winning resorts; signature dinning by world renowned chefs. Adventure diving, hiking, and not-to-be missed attractions.