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Diane Reid's Seminars at the Boat Show!

Diane at Seminar

The Rigging Shoppe proudly presents a series of not-to-be-missed seminars at the Toronto International Boat Show, led by the esteemed Diane Reid, a distinguished Professional Skipper, Yachtmaster, and Coach. Diane's sailing journey, spanning over 150,000 miles, brings a wealth of experience to these insightful sessions.

Diane's career is a tapestry of adventures, from navigating Lake Ontario to conquering the Southern Ocean in various vessels. Beyond her time on the water, Diane dedicates herself to community endeavors and sharing her sailing wisdom at The Rigging Shoppe.

Join us on these dates and locations for an immersive learning experience:

  1. Rigging:

    • When: Sat. Jan 20th @ 11:30am
    • Where: The Boathouse Dive into the essentials of rigging with Diane's expert guidance. Discover the secrets of optimal rig setup and maintenance for your vessel.

  2. Knot Tying:

    • When: Sun. Jan 21st @ 3:30pm
    • Where: The Boathouse Knot tying is an art and a necessity for sailors. Learn and practice various knots, enhancing your sailing skills under Diane's tutelage.
    • PDF: Here's a PDF to highlight knots taught at the seminar.

  3. Electronic Rescue Devices:

    • When: Mon. Jan 22nd @ 5:30pm
    • Where: Salon 107 Explore the latest in electronic rescue devices. This seminar is crucial for anyone wanting to stay safe and prepared on the water.

  4. Weather:

    • When: Wed. Jan 24th @ 2pm
    • Where: Main Stage (Heritage Court – exact location to be confirmed) Gain insights into weather patterns and forecasting, an essential knowledge area for every sailor.

*Each seminar is scheduled for 50 minutes, including a Q&A session.

Additionally, don't miss the chance to see Diane at the Sailor’s Day stage on Sat. Jan 27th @ 2pm for an engaging panel discussion.

These seminars, hosted by The Rigging Shoppe, are a fantastic opportunity for sailors of all levels to learn from a seasoned expert. Join us at the Toronto International Boat Show for a journey of knowledge and skill enhancement. See you there!