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VC 17 Alternatives

VC Offshore

Alternatives to VC17!

The marine landscape is shifting, with AkzoNobel announcing the discontinuation of Interlux VC 17m in Canada due to rising regulatory pressures and material sourcing challenges. However, this change ushers in a new era of marine coatings, offering innovative alternatives for your vessel.

AkzoNobel introduces VC® Offshore as the premier replacement for VC 17m, promising exceptional performance and environmental compliance. To transition, simply sand the old VC 17m coating with 120-grit sandpaper, cleanse the hull with Special Thinner 216 to remove residue, and then apply VC Offshore for optimal adhesion and efficiency.

Discover the future of marine coatings with:

These alternatives are crafted to exceed expectations, ensuring your marine adventures continue seamlessly.

For further details on overcoating VC17 download this PDF.

Welcome to the next wave of marine coatings, where innovation meets sustainability!