Adult Life Vests

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Lifejacket Bag
9993 Lifejacket Bag
Admiral Grey Of Mustang Khimera Hybrid PFD
All Abacus Jackets
All Capri Jackets
Salus Comfort Fit Vest
Red Comfort Fit Jacket
Salus Eclipse Sailing Vest
Salus Eddy-Air Life Jacket
Salus Outcast Angler's Life Jacket
Salus PFD - Eddy-Flex
All Proto Jackets
All Regatta Jackets
Salus SAR Operations Vest
Salus SAR Technician Vest
Salus SL-550 Coastal Offshore Vest*Call to Order*
Salus Tan Angler Fishing Vest *Sold Out 2021*
All Tango Jackets
Solo Kayak Paddle Vest *Call to Order*
All Ungava Jackets
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